Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crew's B-Day

We had everyone over for crepes and cupcakes on Sunday night for Crew's b-day. He's getting his molars and has been a beast for the last few weeks, so even though he didn't enjoy it that much, we were still able to celebrate with food and family.

Jeremy's pride and joy...

In light of all star weekend, Jeremy decided to photograph Jackson in all his glory. It's so funny how Jeremy notices all the details. He kept telling me, "Look at Jackson's feet" or "Look at his form in this one". Anyway, even for someone very unathletic like me, it's easy to tell how natural sports come to Jackson. All those 2 need is a basketball, a trampoline and a camera for some serious father-son bonding time.

Roller Skating

I used to love to roller skate as a kid and roller bladed quite a bit as a teenager. I was not very coordinated and hurt myself pretty bad at least once---BUT, I don't remember it being so incredibly hard to learn the first time. We took the boys to Skateland with Dusty and Sally a few weeks ago, and it was so ridiculous. Jeremy sat out with Crew, which if you know Crew, was a full time job. Neither Jackson or Riggs has ever skated, but I really thought they'd catch on quick. Boy was I wrong. By the time we were done I felt like I'd done the hardest bicep workout of my life. Riggs never made it around the rink once, and I held Jackson's hand the whole time, not just to give him balance, but to literally hold up all 40 something pounds of him, since his feet were slipping out from under him at lest once every 5 seconds. WOW! Jackson's been asking to go back ever since, but it'll be awhile before I can gear up to that again.

Picnic with Riggles--LOVE this kid

A Boy After My Own Heart...

The other day Crew pulled an entire chocolate cake off of the counter and immediately dove in with both hands. As much as he liked the cake, he hated being all sticky. For some reason, all of our boys hate it when they have anything on their hands. Anyway, it made for a good picture.

Thanks to Riggs...

Riggs was getting out of his crib when it was at the lowest possible setting by the time he was about 18 months. We had to get a crib tent to trap him in. The other day, Crew woke up from a nap screaming, and when I went in, he was on the ground. I couldn't believe it. At 11 months I figured we still had quite awhile before that would start happening. Luckily, we still had a few notches to lower his mattress, but I'm sure he's been watching Riggs when they play in there together. Thanks Riggs!