Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Nielson Family

Most of you have probably heard about Christian and Stephanie Nielson, the couple from Mesa whose plane crashed in St. Johns back in August. They are both severely burned and have 4 children, who are being taken care of by Stephanie's sisters. Last weekend a benefit concert was held for them, and their daughters, Claire and Jane, sang the Beatles' "Golden Slumber". It's is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. Keep their family in your prayers.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


The other night after dinner, Jeremy went and grabbed a little step stool out of the bathroom and put it in front of the sink. He told Jackson it was time for him to start doing the dishes, and Jackson was all over that. Riggs was pretty bummed though. Even with the step stool, he can't reach the sink, so Jeremy told him that his job was to clear everything up. They were pretty cute. I wonder how long before this wears off...

Crew just had fun watching the other boys work.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

We have been officially "Vinylized"

If you're tired of seeing the vinyl posts, then skip this one!
I've been wanting to do so many things in the house since we've moved in, and with a lot of help, I finally got quite a bit done this week. Here are some photos:
I did the boys' room awhile ago, but I thought I'd post the picture anyway.

Fall Break

The kids have been on fall break for the past 2 weeks. On that first day of break, the boys played together for about 2 hours in the morning and then Jackson came in and said, "I'm bored". I knew I was in trouble after that. So, I got him out a piece of paper and made a calendar of the 2 weeks. I told him to draw something on each day that he wanted to do during the break. I was trying to take a good picture of what he drew, but it didn't turn out. It is the cutest thing. He drew bikes and parks (for picnics) and swimming pools and animals (for the zoo) and a train (for the train park). We didn't do everything on his list, but we made it through most of it.
Jeremy and the boys got me a bike for my birthday, and now that the weather's nice, we've been going for lots of rides. Crew loves it, but the problem is that Riggs loves to ride in the baby seat too. I think we may have to get Jeremy a bike with a seat for Riggles. His little legs have to work pretty hard to keep up on his little training wheel bike.

Fountain Hills Park

Mandy and her boys, Ty and Johnathan, came with us to the train park.

The boys were all so interested in all of the model trains.

Monday, October 6, 2008


We watched Devon and Molly this weekend while Spencer and Martha went on a cruise. I was very jealous, but they deserved it, and they've helped us out tons with our kids. We fell in love with Molly. She is seriously the easiest kid ever. She just followed me around the whole weekend picking up toys and sippy cups and yelling at the boys when I did. :) She really made me want a GIRl! And Devon had one really good one-liner. Jeremy had been telling the kids to "zip-it-dot-com" all weekend, and yesterday afternoon we heard Devon say to everyone "zip-it-online". Love him.

All 3 niches done!

After 3 days of some seriously tedious work, we got the 3 niches done. I love them. Jeremy even likes them too. Thanks Julie and Lori for all of your help.
I couldn't get Jackson and Riggs to turn off the TV while I took the picture, so you get a little "Berenstein Bears" to go with it.