Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The latest...

Jackson finished t-ball. Yes, he had a couple of girls on his team. Riggs was much more upset about this than Jackson.

Sunday morning bonding time
Crew has started posing and saying "eeeesss" every time I get the camera out.
My first great nephew, Graham, got to come on the mother's day weekend with all the girls. He and Jace, Dusty and Sally's baby, were so fun and sweet. They almost made me ready for another one (but not quite).
Riggs and his teacher, "Mrs. Fweeeman".
His other teacher, "Mrs. Lalleman".
Singing his heart out at his graduation program.

He had just gotten over the devastation of having to wear a shirt with buttons on it for his graduation. Nothing pisses this kid off more than buttons.

Jackson and his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Lalama.
Jackson and his posse.

School's out. Now what?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Riggs' 4th B-day

Riggles' birthday was mostly celebrated in California. At home on his actual birthday, I took him to get a marble game he's been wanting, and made him strawberry shortcake. If you know Riggs, you know how funny this kid is and how much he makes all of us laugh. He's grown up a lot lately, and I hate it. I told him I wanted him to stay 3, and he said he'd turn 4, but then that's it. :) If only...

California Trip

Two days after Sedona, we headed off to California with Jackson and Riggs. Crew was not invited, and luckily, Ashley and Shane (my newlywed niece and her husband), were willing to come stay with him. I can't believe they're still speaking to us. :)
It was only about 75 degrees outside, but we couldn't keep the boys out of the water. We really wanted to rent a beach house after spending a couple of hours here.

We climbed out on the rocks, and the boys found tons of crabs and even some starfish.

We finally made it to the hotel, and the boys were so glad to be out of the car. While Jeremy was checking us in, the boys were wrestling in the backseat. Can you tell the hug is fake in the bottom photo?

Jackson loved the pool. While we were at Knott's Berry Farm the next day, he said, "Can we just go back to the pool at the hotel?"

Don't Nelson and Jeremy look comfortable on this ride?

This is Riggs hiding under the table when we tried to make him hug Snoopy.

Anniversary-8 years

I'm sad that we forgot our camera because Sedona is so gorgeous, but we still had the best trip for our anniversary. We were only gone about a day and a half, but it was enough to relax and enjoy time away from the kiddos. We stayed at a really cute bed and breakfast that we'd been to 5 or 6 years ago. Other than running into a ginormous rattle snake on our hike, we had an awesome time. (That was probably Jeremy's highlight of the trip). The weather was perfect, and it was such a nice getaway. Thank goodness for awesome friends and family who help with our boys when we need a quick night away!
Kristen and Chuck, we're planning on Hawaii for our 10 year, so get ready to eat a lot and we'll plan our babies accordingly:)