Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pioneer Day (also Jeremy's b-day) in San Juan

It had been too many years since I'd spent the 24th in St. Johns. Now that we've taken the kids to all of the festivities, I don't think they'll ever let us skip it again. We stayed with Aunt Tricia and Uncle Jay, and the boys were in heaven playing with Kristen and Chuck's 3 boys, Parker, Charlie, and Briton. When we left, Riggs was in tears, and Jackson hasn't stopped asking me when we're going back. Thanks for all the fun guys!
Parker and the "Mutton bustin" at the rodeo

Riggs decided to ride last minute, and was only wearing a swimsuit. He was very proud of his battle wound and his prize money.

Jackson and Parker sword fighting at the park.

The boys loved the irrigation ditch in front of Kristen and Chuck's house.

Crew and Jane. He only weighs about double what she does even though they're only 2 months apart.
They even got to ride a float at the parade.

Brit and I were seriously bonded. We wanted to take him home with us, but couldn't talk his mom into it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July--warning: long post below

Our good friends, Mandy and Theron, invited us to spend the weekend with them at the Whiting Homestead. I used to go there with Mandy when we were little, and I hadn't been in at least 15 years. Our boys were in heaven. They got to camp out in a tent, go to a parade, get as dirty as possible, eat tons of junk food, catch horny toads and chipmunks, and play with their buddies. It was great to get out of the heat too. Thanks for a fun weekend guys!

Crew loves this little blanket from the hospital. On the drive up, he wouldn't take it out of his mouth. It kind of grosses me out. I have to wash it all the time because he drags it everywhere.

The boys loved this rope swing they have on a super steep mountain. It's been there forever. We used to play on it when I would go with Mandy when we were little.

Horny Toad-the boys were obsessed when they heard that they shoot blood out of their eyes.

There were chipmunks everywhere, and Jeremy was determined to catch one. This is his trap.
It was funny because after he caught it, he put a rock on top so it wouldn't get out until Ty got there to see it. A few minutes later, they went back and lifted it up, and the chipmunk had dug it's way out.

Mandy's brother Morgan and sister Angela made us breakfast at the parade. First class service!

We were all too tired to drive to the fireworks show, so the boys got glow sticks and hung out in the tent. We were sitting out on the porch playing games, and we heard one of the kids start screaming. Then we heard all of them join in. We went over there and the tent was shaking and there was a full-on brawl going on inside. When they all finally calmed down enough to talk, Jackson told us that Riggs and Ty started talking about wrestling, then Riggs punched Ty and Ty bit Riggs. Those 2 are both super strong willed, stubborn, and hot-tempered. Neither of them was backing down. They were so mad at each other, but in the morning, they were buddies again. It was pretty funny.
We had a picnic on Greens Peak on Sunday afternoon--10,000 feet up

Utah Cousins

We had Jeremy's sisters, Jenny and Kassie, and their 4 little ones stay with us for a week in June. I think they all got heat stroke, but other than that, we had a blast. They were so brave to drive the 13 hours straight from Lehi with all those kids. I don't think I could do that with just Crew, to say nothing of all of our boys. We're so glad they came, and want them to come again when the weather's good!

Father's Day--very belated

Even though it's very late, I need to post a little about my hombre here for Father's Day. I'm so lucky that I can't think of a single thing I would change about the kind of dad Jeremy is. He would rather spend time with our boys than anything. He loves to take them with him whenever he's running errands on the weekends, and tries to do lots of one-on-one stuff with them. If we're ever going anywhere in 2 cars, they would all rather go with him (Jackson will sometimes come with me because he thinks I'll feel bad if I'm all alone).
Anyway, I hope these boys know that they are 3 lucky little guys to have him for their dad.
Can you tell Jeremy got to sleep in (cute bed-head).

Crew thought this "Backyardigans" card was the best thing ever. I don't think he let go of it for a good 2 hours after Jeremy opened it.