Monday, May 3, 2010

San Diego

We took the boys to Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, and the Wild Animal Park. We also managed to get a couple hours in at the beach. Very fun, but so exhausting. The kids wore us out... but I guess we'd never do anything or go anywhere if we weren't willing to get worn out.
They have 2 baby elephants that were just a couple of weeks old--so cute.

We stayed with my Aunt Squeaky (not her real name...but that's what we've always known her as). Our kids got a real kick out of her name. She was so nice to let us turn her life upside down for a few days with all the wild boys. Riggs really bonded with her. The first thing he said the morning after we got home was, "I'm missing someone in California. And her name is Aunt Squeaky".

Riggs looks like he got caught in the act here. Who knows what he was up to.
Crew was a little too loving in the petting zoo.


Jackson started soccer a couple of weeks ago, and at the first game, Riggs starts cheering, "Go Chancho!" He was apparently cheering for this husky little guy on the other team. What a clown.

All 3 boys insisted on being fully clad in soccer attire that day.

Easters at Aunt Julie's house

Good times... cousins, Easter egg hunt, candy, trampoline.... what else could they ask for?

Colton borrowed Crew's shorts to get in the pool. Yes, Crew's shorts. He couldn't get them zipped, but I was pretty impressed--they're a size 3!
As soon as Crew's shorts were off, we couldn't keep any of his other clothes on-- or diaper for that matter. We finally just gave in and let him streak at the Easter dinner.

Uncle Devan

Jeremy's brother Devan was living with us for a little bit and the boys LOVED it. They had such a good time playing rough with him. I heard Jackson talking to one of his friends about his "big friend" who lives with him and jumps on the trampoline with him.
We had a little birthday party for Devan and the boys picked our some stuff at the dollar store for his new house.

Jackson's 7th Birthday

We put candles in everything the birthday kid eats all day. So Jackson started his day with birthday toast. Jackson's birthday always falls during Spring Break, so he gets a whole day of fun.

Then he got to go to Jumpstreet and a movie with Paige, Ty, Dusti and his brothers.

He finished off his day with cake and ice cream at Grandma's house.

Riggs' first organized sport

This kid is something else. He has been constantly annoyed that Jackson has done all kinds of sports and insisted that he needed to be "signed up" for something. So...reluctantly, I signed him up for soccer, and he was thrilled. He spent most of his time every game entertaining his teammates and trash talking the other team. I heard him say things like "Let's get this party started guys!" while out on the field. He wasn't ever too concerened about where the ball was or what was really going on in the game. His main priority was keeping everyone laughing.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My baby is 2!

Lots of random pictures from the first couple weeks of February here. The weather is always amazing in February so we end up getting to do lots of fun stuff outside.

Crew spit all over this cake while blowing out the candles. All of his cousins were asking for corner pieces where there was no spit.

The boys got to skip school and spend a day at the zoo on Crew's b day.

They found a little squirrel wandering around and were way more interested in him than in the other animals.

The stingrays were a big hit for Jackson and Crew, but Riggs got splashed right off the bat, and he was ticked.