Sunday, May 18, 2008


We had a great trip to Rocky Point last weekend. Our kids always say that it's their favorite place, even better than Disneyland. We went with my mom and dad, Leisel and Christian and Macey, Christian's sister and her family, Julie and Roger and their kids, and Troy and Leigh and their family. Kelsee's fiancee, Greg, also came, and it was fun to get to know him a little better. The kids all had a blast with him. He may become the new favorite uncle/cousin to all the little ones. The only bad part about the trip was that Troy broke his clavicle in a quad accident. He's doing okay and doesn't have to have surgery, but it'll be a couple of months before he's all recovered. He's a maniac!
Riggs, Jackson and Tatum on Uncle Roger's Rhino.

My little twins...

We can't go to Rocky Point without riding the Banana Boat at least once, and I can usually talk the guys into a really good price...all from my experience negotiating with the Taxi drivers in Venezuela. Anyway, Jeremy is a little paranoid, so he always tells the guys to go super slow. This time all the kids were yelling for him to go faster, and Jeremy kept telling the guy in Spanish that the kids were scared and he needed to slow down. Treyson wanted to spice things up a little, so he kept saying, "Aunt Jill, let's jump off". So we did. I forgot to take my sunglasses off before I jumped, so I lost them, and my kids were so worried. They probabaly asked me 15 times why I jumped off and where my glasses were. Funny.

This was on Mother's Day morning. Jeremy made me a yummy breakfast and then I walked down to the beach with the boys before it got too hot. They were so cute out in the ocean holding hands. That was a sweet Mother's Day moment.

Jackson and Braxton played football out in front of our condo one afternoon. There's nothing like cousins.

This is Greg, Kelsee's fiancee. Hopefully this trip didn't scare him off.

Crew's first trip...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Riggs' Birthday

Our little Riggles turned 3 on May 7th. He has the same birthday as his cousin Paige, so they usually celebrate together. She turned 7 this year. We had a little party at Lori's house with Grandma and Grandad. Riggs also decided that since he's 3 he would start using the potty. No more diapers! Woo-hoo. It's always nice when you only have one kid in diapers at a time.

I love him in his undies...

Riggs finished up the party with a hair cut from his cute cousin, Ashley. We're going to love having a hair dresser in the fam who lives so close. Riggs is so funny because he LOVES getting his hair cut. He sits perfectly still the whole time and just looks totally zoned out. I think it's the only time that he really ever sits still...maybe it's the buzzing sound that lulls him into relaxation mode.

The slip-n-slide (there's no better b-day present than this right before the AZ summer starts...except maybe a swimming pool...)

Brooke is engaged to an awesome guy, Ammoron Harper. They were at Riggs' and Paige's party, and were holding Crew. They all ready look like a little family!

This was so funny. Riggs couldn't quite figure out how to blow out the candle, so he got as close as he possibly could to the flame. I think he burned his lips a little, but he was so excited, he didn't really care.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Crew's Blessing

What a bunch of goof balls!

On April 13th, Crew was blessed. Jeremy's parents and brother, Devon, came to visit, and the boys had such a good time showing off for Nana, Papa and Uncle Devon. Devon is leaving for his mission to Edmonton, Canada next week, and Jeff and Sandi will be leaving for a mission to Hawaii in about a month. Exciting!