Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Vinyl

I had to share one of my favorite designs so far. My nephew T.J. told me he wanted to do something "Damask" on the wall behind his TV. I had just been thinking about doing the same thing in several niches in our house. So...I designed this. There are 3 niches in our family room, and I've only done this one so far--Lori and Julie helped me with it yesterday. We'll try to finish the rest this week, and I'll post a picture of the whole room.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trip to Utah

We spent about 5 days visiting Jeremy's family in Utah last week. There have been 3 new babies born in the last year, so it was fun to see all the new additions. We rented a house in Sandy that was big enough for all 5 families. It was fun to get to know Dustin's new wife Lyndsey a little better too. Since we're all spread out in 3 different states, we don't see each other that often. The kids had a ball with their cousins, and we got to enjoy a break from the heat for a few days.

Temple Square

Hogle Zoo

View from the main floor down to the hot tub. The kids wanted us to throw water on them from the window a couple of stories up, so that was one of the highlights of the trip for them. :)

Olympic Park

The Dinosaur Museum

Baby Vincent-he was so good. He's just fall asleep in the backpack on Katie anywhere we went.

Jenny and Jeremy with their twin glasses.
After Jeremy read Carlee a book, she came over and said to Jenny, "Jeremy so nice".

Mac 'n cheese with all the cousins at Kassie's house

Thanksgiving Point

Kassie and Jeremiah's new baby, Landon & Crew. Crew made him look tiny!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day

We had a fun BBQ at Aunt Julie and Uncle Roger's house on Labor Day. It was a good thing too because we had taken the boys to see the new Star Wars movie earlier in the day, and that was painful to sit through. They loved it though. But not nearly as much as they loved swimming with their cousins.
Ashley and Paige fighting over Crew (I love the look on Ashley's face)

What a hottie!

The boys wore Uncle Troy out. He threw them and flipped them all around like crazy.

A couple weeks ago we had a serious monsoon storm, and it hit about 5 minutes before Jackson would be getting on his bike to ride home from school. It started raining harder and harder, so I decided I better go look for him and make sure he was okay. The rain was coming down so hard and they said the winds got up to 100mph during the storm. Tons of big trees were down, so I was getting a little worried. I finally found Jackson with his head down just pedaling away, and not trying to dodge any of the huge puddells. The water was up to his knees in some areas. The first thing he said to me when he saw me was, "Mom, it's raining."

Da Boys

We got Trent and Ty a couple of weekends ago, and our boys had such a good time with them. They rented a new Wii game that was 4-player, and that was all they needed. Speaking of the "4-player" thing, I just have to document one of Riggs' most hilarious comments since I'm always saying, "I need to write that down". When we first got the Wii, Jackson would tell Riggs, "This game is only 1-player so you can't play." Well, Riggs caught onto that really fast and started using it with everything. A few days later, the boys were out back playing with the hose, and Jackson asked Riggs if he could have a turn. Riggs just looked up and said, "It's only 1 player Jackson".

Seriously White Trash

Jeremy got this hat with hair at a D-backs game last weekend, and the kids looked so funny in it.

If someone had shown me these pictures 5 years ago and said "this is what your kids are going to look like", I would've been depressed.

It doesn't help that Riggs is wearing a sleeveless t-shirt (almost a wife-beater).

Crew & Crew

This is our next door neighbor, Crew. He's buddies with Riggs and Jackson and is such a doll. He thinks it's so funny that our baby is Crew too.

Riggles goes to Pre-School

Riggs had a whole month to wait to start pre-school after Jackson started Kindergarten, and it was a LONG month. Since I'd been telling him he was starting pre-school for such a long time before he actually did, he stopped believing that he was going. A couple days ago, he woke up and goes, "I never get to go to pre-school" in his famously pouty voice. Anyway, he finally got to go on Wednesday, and he was thrilled. He wore his backpack while he ate breakfast and told me I needed to pack some cheetos for him. He didn't have a lot to say after school, but he was excited to go back today, so that's a good sign. His teacher lives on our street, so it's so nice that he can just walk there.