Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What a couple of Studs

Day at the Lake with Grandad and Uncle Travis

We never got to the lake over summer break, but we did take Jackson out of school one day on his first week to go. The boys loved cliff jumping and feeding the ducks. Crew was a beast, but it was worth it.

Watch Out we come!

Riggs and his good buddy Crew on their first day. We were in the ER the night before after Riggs had a little crash on the quad with his cousin Chandler. He sliced his eyelid open right in the crease of it. It was deep enough that I could see his eyeball through the cut, but because it was in the crease, it started sealing together really fast, and he didn't need any stitches. He went to school the next morning and was so excited to show everyone his battlewound.
He also informed me after school that day that he has 2 "grill" friends. I think one of them is Mrs. "Lalleman". He loves her.