Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rocky Point 2010

Every time we go to Rocky Point, we always wonder why we don't stay longer and why we don't go there more often. We hadn't been in a couple of years since things at the border had gotten crazy, but we just couldn't stay away any longer!
We've been trying to room with Dusty and Sally for years and finally made it work! It was so great. Sally and Devin enjoying a mango poolside. Doesn't get much better than that.
The beach seemed better than ever this year. After our trip to the Canary Islands just a month before, I honestly enjoyed the beach in Rocky Point much better. Maybe it was having my kids there, but the water seemed bluer, the sun was warmer, and there were a lot less nude people.

Crew loved the slide at the pool so we had to keep a life vest on him at all times. After the first day, his nipples were all chaffed, so we put chap stick and band aids on them on day 2. The rest of the trip he kept saying, "What happened my nipples?"

Worn out, sunburnt, happy boys

This is going to get blown up for a wall in our play room. Best cousins. They had all just bargained with the guys selling sunglasses on the beach and were pretty proud of themselves.

They spent hours in this shallow pool playing some seriously rough game. Someone always ended up crying (usually Riggs), but it never kept them from getting right back to it.

And here's the 7 month pregnant beached whale... no, not Jeremy:)

When the tide was out, they loved finding crabs and shells, and we even saw a seagull come right down and pick up a live sting ray.
Oh how we love you, Rocky Point!


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Kristen said...

Can I tell you how nice that looks right now? I'm so sorry about Crew's nipples:) What a funny boy.